Clinsoul x Safenorth | UV Sterilizer Lamp

$84.95 $149.95


Maintaining your spaces clean and sterilized while you're out is now a reality with our newest release. 

The UV Sterilizer Lamp will spread oxygen through your surroundings to sterilize effectively and keep the area fresh, clean, sanitized and away from virus and bacteria.

You'll be able to set the working hours between 15 and 60 minutes depending your needs using the remote control included.

Just turn on the UV Sterilizer Lamp, close the room and leave it for the time you set up. As soon as you get back, open the door and windows to let the air flow and boom: The whole space will be 99.9% sanitized.

We recommend to leave the room as soon as you turn on the UV Sterilizer Lamp and keep plants and animals away from it.

  • 360 degree system.
  • Dust-Proof Protective Acrylic Lampshade included
  • 36W of Power
  • Wireless Remote Control included
  • 8.000 hours lifetime

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